About Crumple & Co

Why did you start Crumple & Co?

The idea for Crumple & Co. came during a large renovation project at a villa in the South of France, where we were renovating and restyling all the bedrooms. It was really hard work travelling everywhere to try and find the items to piece the look we wanted together.

Friends began asking if we would be able to help with their interiors, both at home and in France. Where can you go in France and the UK, where you can put the whole look together at a sensible price?

With Sally’s background in fashion design and her experience with fabrics, combined with Steve’s expertise in furniture construction, manufacturing and importing, it made perfect sense for us to launch Crumple & Co.

When did you start?

Crumple & Co. started back in 2014, but it has taken a couple of years of planning before being ready to sell to our customers.

During this time, we worked with many suppliers before finding the right partners we felt could create the best quality products for us, at the right price.

The creation of our mattress was a project in itself. We bought the best mattresses from different factories and tried and tested them in our own home, before returning to the factories to tweak them. At last we found our perfect mattress combination. We have worked with experts to create the perfect mattress and are so confident in our mattress, we offer you a 100-night sleep trial guarantee*. Why not come & try our exclusive mattress in Crumple & Co's Harrogate showroom?

What is the idea behind Crumple & Co?

Crumple is a one-stop, 'bedroom design' solution. We’ve done all the hard work for our customer’s so they don’t have to. We’ve thought through all the colours, textures, dimensions and styles so that everything works together, looks good together and takes the risk and hard work away from customer’s having to do it themselves.

There were some products along the way which we loved but had to discard as we simply couldn’t get them in the right colour or fabric for our collection.

See the full range in our new interactive, Harrogate showroom.

What inspires your designs?

Sally is our Creative Director and finds that life in general inspires her ideas and creations. She will often be up in the middle of the night sketching an idea that’s in her head. This may then be parked for a few months, but most designs and ideas are returned to and developed at a later date.

If you pop into the Harrogate studio you will see Sally mid creation with sketches and fabrics being pinned and sewn to create a new look.

What is your favourite product & why?

"My favourite piece from a purely practical sense is our mattress. Due to my back problems it has to be my favourite product. In terms of design though, I just love our Louis cushion. It’s our own design and completely unique and exclusive to Crumple & Co. It’s made in England which I’m so pleased about and I can pull any room together with this cushion" - Sally

"I have favourites within categories because we have such a great range of lighting, beds, bedside tables etc - I find it hard to choose! In lamps my favourite is the Arabesque lamp, it’s a super bedside lamp and a definite statement piece. In terms of a category, I think our bed frames are fantastic. They’re so well made and great value, they form the basis for how the rest of the product fits together." - Steve

Tiggy loves our Fluffy Chalk Rug - our softest rug - perfect for an afternoon nap! - Tiggy

Come and view the full range of exclusive Crumple & Co bedroom furniture, mattresses, lighting & interiors in our new Harrogate showroom.