The Crumple & Co Luxury Mattress: The Story

Buying a new luxury mattress? Surely one of the most difficult jobs known to mankind! Almost certainly there are a couple of people involved in the purchase. Almost inevitably therefore there is an element of compromise. And that's before the endless trekking from store to store has even started...

We know a new luxury mattress is a considered purchase, after all it represents a considerable investment. On your trek, every bed & mattress
store you visit will tell you how long during your lifetime you will spend

sleeping & how important it is to get it right. We agree! So that's why, when we decided to create The Crumple & Co. Luxury Mattress, we wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible & for as many people as possible..

We wanted just one great mattress. Not the confusion of competing brands,  vying for position in huge stores with endless technical jargon & mind boggling choice. We simply wanted one great mattress. A great mattress that not only provided amazing sleep,  but also provided outstanding value for money, came with a 10 year warranty and carries a risk free '100 Night Sleep Trial' for our customers peace of mind...

We wanted something that we ourselves would be proud to sleep on (we love it by the way - 4 years on, it just gets better & better!) & really enjoy the 'sleep experience'.


We think our customers agree...this is a little of what they have had to say about The Crumple & Co. Luxury Mattress:

"I have a hectic life commuting daily into the City to my recruitment company. So a good night's sleep is paramount...thank goodness my wife discovered Crumple & Co. Their mattress has transformed my sleep. I highly recommend it " J A, London

"We are so pleased with our Crumple & Co mattresses!" N H Ilkley

"We have recently bought a Crumple & Co mattress and it's amazing. Never had such a good nights sleep since I can remember. The customer service was excellent too. thank you..."  D G, Manchester

"It's the best bed & mattress we've ever had, it's so comfortable!" K P Harrogate

"Exceptionally comfortable mattress!" C D Harrogate

Sleep comfort to some degree, is always subjective. One persons 'firm' is another's medium-soft. Cost is also emotive. Some people feel the need to spend thousands of pounds on their mattress, whilst others consider £500 to be too much...

The one thing however that everyone will agree on & really wants (however the mattress is labelled - whatever it costs) is a fabulous nights sleep! We are proud to say that we think The Crumple & Co Luxury Mattress passes that test with flying colours. You can try our Luxury Mattress in-store in Harrogate, or if you live locally call to see about our 'try at home' service.

Order on-line or call the sales line (01423 787373), we deliver throughout the UK. Remember, if you don't like it, after 100 nights we will collect it & refund you in full!

100 Night Sleep Trial Available



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