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We’ve worked tirelessly to create a range of unique, quality bedspreads and throws which complement our entire interior range. Find out the unique details of our bedspreads below:

Millieflora Printed Bedspread

Milliefloral Grey Printed Cotton Bedspread Our Millieflora bedspread is lovingly handmade in India, every piece takes hours of work to create and no two are identical. They all have their own individuality which creates unique character. The grey thistle print gives the bedspread a contemporary feel.

The bedspread has purposefully been filled with a light polyester, to create the luxurious look but without being too heavy on your feet.

So much work has gone into this bedspread that it will become a family heirloom to pass down and cherish.

Co-ordinates with:

Chantilly White Cotton Bedspread

The Chantilly white bedspread is super light weight and so soft to touch. We call it wispy white as it’s such a delicate colour. It’s our lightest filled bedspread and softly contrasts against white bed linen.

Co-ordinates with:

Louis White Linen Motif Cushion Chantilly White Quilted Cushion Louis White Linen Motif Cushion Chantilly White Quilted Cushion

Longchamp Beige Velvet Bedspread

So much detail has gone into creating the Longchamp. Every single thread is hand stitched and simply beautiful. The process of creating the Longchamp took a long time, we couldn’t get the colour quite right with our suppliers. After a lot of back of forth we got to the exact shade required so that it matches back to every other item in the range.

Co-ordinates with:

Petit Jardin Printed Linen Bedspread

The Petit Jardin is a very lightweight bedspread with a beautifully pretty bird design running through in soft tones. The fine linen backing has different coloured threading running throughout.

Co-ordinates with:

Louis White Linen Motif Cushion Louis White Linen Motif Cushion Persian Blue/Grey Faux Fur Throw

Finlay Ecru & Ink Striped Cotton Bedspread

The Finlay cotton bedspread is unique with its scalloped edging and light ecru and ink striped fabric. The hand tufting in off-white matches the stone background. You can echo this look with co-ordinating cushions.

Co-ordinates with:

Finlay Ecru Striped Cushion Finlay Ecru Striped Cushion

Vitton Grey Velvet Bedspread

The Vitton grey velvet bedspread matches the grey trim seen in our Millieflora and Petit Jardin bedspreads. Each bedspread is hand stitched - creating an individual look each time - with slightly irregular squares. This co-ordinates with our Vitton cushions, because of the bespoke nature of our products it’s advisable to order all your co-ordinating items in the same order to help colour matching.

Co-ordinates with:

Top Tips:

  • Crumple bedspreads and throws work best alongside pure white bed linen
  • Our bedspreads and throws are dry clean only
  • Any bedspread co-ordinates perfectly with any lamp, any bed, any bedside table etc. so you can simple order online and your look will work together seamlessly.
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